Normalab       On the strength of its experience acquired around a half of century as petroleum testing equipment manufacturer, the company Normalab is known worldwide for its range of laboratory analysers.
The company Normalab takes care about the expectations of customers in the development of its appliances, and incorporates flexibility and innovation in its products.
 Normalab offers a complete range, from manual to fully automatic and so can respond to all market needs, covering many national and International standard methods used in the field.
Normalab participates to committees such as ASTM, Energy Institute, ISO and AFNOR as an active member and also developed equivalences with national associations like GBT, GOST, JS...
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Flammability Volatility
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Fuel Analysis Lubricants Crude Oil Analysis
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Bitumen & Waxes Cold Flow Properties Color
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LPG Analysis Fuel Cleanliness Sampling