ARGO-HYTOS - A strong brand in fluid technology
As a components and system supplier ARGO-HYTOS is an essential part in the supply chain of the world market leaders when it comes to mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering. ARGO-HYTOS has established an international network of production and distribution companies to provide the full support our successful global customers are accustomed to. We offer customer-oriented added value and expertise at the customers’ location. With modern technical challenges becoming more complex as time goes on, it is vital to find system partners who can offer an integrated approach supported by outstanding experience, which they can contribute to projects and offer solutions for fluid power technology.


ARGO-HYTOS products:

Suction Filters Return Filters Return-Suction Filters
  Pressure Filters   High Pressure Filters   Filling and Ventilating Filters
  Clogging Indicators   Off-line Filters   Oil Service Units
  Dewatering Systems   Portable Particle Counters Lubrication Condition Sensor
  Stationary Particle Monitor   Humidity Sensor   Airborne Particle Counters
  Directional Valves   Check Valves   Pressure Valves
Hydraulic Power Packs      Overcentre Valves   Proportional Valves
    Flow Valves  


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