The company ACS-Control-System was founded in 1990. Since that time, ACS-Control-System works in the field of industrial automation. Technological development and commitment to innovation is the foundation of the company. ACS-Control-System at the present time - the average company with more than 20 years of experience in measurement technology. This experience provides a solid basis for developing and implementing solutions for level sensors, pressure, temperature and flow.
         Products ACS-Control-System meets the various requirements and can be used in extreme conditions. The company ACS-Control-System adapted to the changing demands of the market and therefore offers complete solutions for the client. Innovative activities to create standard and customized systems developed and manufactured at the company, consistent with any needs and requests of customers.

Production of  ACS-Control-System 
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 Fill level measurement  Water level measurement  Pressure sensors
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 Temperature sensors  Flow meter  Registration
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 Visualization  Signal converter